Real Service for Business Consultancy is one of the most distinguished organizations in Saudi Arabia, the most developed, prosperous, and reliable, according to customers and clients.

It has been known, since its establishment in 2005, in Riyadh, to provide vast consultancy services, developing management, in addition to debt collecting and payback services, telecommunication solutions and operating customer care and sales centers. It has always been in the lead in these fields, and the results are tangible and perfect.

Real Service for Business Consultancy seeks to meet the needs of the labour market all over the country, offering qualified and well-trained workforce on all levels through working on both human development and sustainable development.

Through its development plan, applied in all of the kingdom, it has succeeded in helping boost clients’ performance, cutting costs, determining strengths and weaknesses through a set of integrated solutions that guarantees success.


  • Lies in the sustainability of our success, by sustaining the elements of this success, and this is what we are confident to achieve. We are a team of qualified professionals contributing to laying the foundations for the development of human resources and business through what we got of international expertise to develop our society in line with its local values.
  • Real Service for Business Consultancy provides a range of operating and employment solutions for companies, groups and individuals that promote human resources and national skills, and enable them to be a cornerstone of the national economy.
  • Real Service for Business Consultancy provides a range of management training solutions ranging from personal development – related training that contribute to the success and achievement of the ambitious goals in the professional field, to professional management training related to performance, development, growth and operating in a way in that simulates the world’s best performance levels.


Real Service for Business Consultancy vision came from the vibrant, flourishing, and ambitious Saudi community which guarantee a quality living for both citizens and residents. Real Service for Business Consultancy vision argues that efficiency and responsibility are two main concepts that should be applied on all levels through integrated system lines with the market’s needs, and improving everyone’s opportunities from entrepreneurs to start ups to big companies.
Our vision is to be your number one choice when seeking stability and job security.


Keeping Real Service for Business Consultancy as a pioneer in the field of operating and Acting Business, recruiting, and meeting the market needs of qualified workforce.

  • Contributing efficiently in providing creative solutions that suits the market.
  • Achieving our partners and employees’ aspirations.
  • Satisfying our clients through immediate response.
  • Maintaining the international quality standards in the services that we offer.
  • Developing the workforces’ skills in order to thrive in both public and private sectors.
  • Contributing to the rehabilitation of national competencies in various sectors.
  • Providing specialized management consulting to enhance the effectiveness and contribute to improving the quality of services in various sectors.
  • Assisting the public and private sectors to keep up with social, technical and economic changes.
  • Building a competitive environment where growth is achieved and sustained in the different sectors.


At Real Service for Business Consultancy, we work hard to manage our business in accordance to the following values:
Proficiency and work ethics.
Seizing development opportunities.
• Positivity.
• Subjectivity.
• Team work, mutual respect, and empathy.
• Taking care of our clients.
• Commitment, loyalty and trust with clients are the keys to success.
• Caring for all clients, listening to them, and answering their needs.