Real Service for Business Consultancy provides operating services and solutions to its clients through professional, custom-made programs that are implemented after analyzing the institution and in accordance to its strategy, these programs aim to boost the work environment which in turn will positively affect the performance.

Operating department consists one of the main pillars of Real Service for Business Consultancy, that is due to its cumulative expertise, high-level disciplines, measuring results, adjusting the quality, periodically, to ensure achieving goals, increasing productivity, reducing costs, raising revenue, and focusing directly on administration development. We gain our expertise in operating from our beginnings in HR.

Call Centers Operating Services:

• Managing incoming and outgoing calls.
• Managing supporting operations.
• Telemarketing.
• Phone debt collecting.

Operating features (Acting Business Services):

• Services of quality.
• Highly qualifying theoretical and practical training.
• Ensures the employee a real work experience.

Features and Services of Rservice Debt Collection agency:

• Quality
• Accuracy
• Adopting the latest methods and techniques

Operating Goals (Acting Business Services):

• Cutting risks and sharing HR’s responsibilities.
• Enabling clients to work on their main tasks.
• Cutting cost and increasing profit.
• Providing qualified and efficient workforce.
• Decreasing personnel resignations
• Improving performance and increasing market stocks.

Debt Collecting Services:

Real Service for Business Consultancy provides debt collecting services through its Rservice Debt Collection agency with various collecting methods, either phone follow-ups, or field visits, both methods urges borrowers to pay their debts.

Debt Collecting Services:

• Financial sector.
• Funding companies.
• Insurance companies.
• Government sector, service sector, health sector, Support services sector, industrial sector and airline companies.