President Message

Impressive beginnings mean impressive results. Despite the challenges we faced since the establishment in 2005, we were able to prosper thanks God, our efforts, our confidence, our awareness of the upcoming responsibilities, our ability to achieve what our country needs, and our strict belief that knowledge and training are the most important elements of production which are the mainstay of the overall development goals.

The establishment of Real Service for Business Consultancy, 12 years ago, had a significant impact on operating, staffing and outsourcing business in the Kingdom industry, during which it managed to train and rehabilitate thousands of young people who got into the job market, and contributed remarkably to the economic boost and promoting development, and they now hold responsibilities in many companies, institutions, bodies, and government sectors.

Real Service for Business Consultancy will experience next a significant improvement in its plans, strategies and contracts, which will return significant benefit to the development of the society in general, and reinforce its leading status in the sector of operating and employment in Saudi Arabia, the Gulf and the Middle East.
Real Service for Business Consultancy has made a remarkable development in the Saudi market in the areas of training, rehabilitation and employment and rose staff efficiency in the public and private sectors, which has had a significant impact on the expansion of the company’s client base, and occupied a leading position among the largest companies working in the field of training and employment, and contributed to the achievement of the Kingdom’s objectives regarding the application of localization and Saudization programs.
Real Service for Business Consultancy is preparing for a new phase in its history, which will inaugurate the prospect for growth, and a breakthrough in its career to keep pace with trends and plans of the government, that aims at creating job opportunities for young Saudis, and developing scientific and technical abilities and professional skills to enable them to participate in the development and utilization of the Kingdom’s efforts, and reap the rewards of its gains through promoting training and rehabilitation to prepare qualified youth that can carry on its legacy.

At Real Service for Business Consultancy we think scientifically and universally, then implement according to our local values. We convey the world’s advancement to our society in a way it enables it to enjoy the experience while holding on to its values.

Training at Real Service for Business Consultancy plays a key role to society development, which is led by the leaders of this country, and came in first in the Kingdom’s vision for 2030.
What we aim for is not only using advanced technology in training, but also gaining the most benefits of it to qualify our trainees.

Everyone agrees on the importance of training and education, and the developed countries establish training and education as a priority in its programs and policies, let alone that the information revolution, scientific flow, the Internet, and modern technology requires us to act quickly and effectively to catch up with this revolution, to reach the best results in creating Saudis who are capable of giving, keeping up with changes, and adapting to developments in the outside world, which has turned into a small village with the communication technology.